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Reduce and Manage
Chronic Pain

At Regenirex, we value your health and quality of life above all else. We understand the devastating physical, psychological and emotional effects of chronic pain, and we want to help you find the most effective, natural relief possible.

At your first appointment, we’ll assess your unique symptoms and determine the cause of your pain. We’ll then develop a personalized treatment plan to manage your chronic pain effectively.

When possible, we try to avoid the use of opioids to manage your pain as they are found not to be a suitable solution to treat chronic pain.

Conditions We Treat

Patients from all over Nebraska, and even from Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota, with a variety of conditions, come to Regenirex to receive our expert pain management solutions in a comfortable environment.

The following is a partial list of the pain conditions we treat. If you are in pain but you don’t see your specific condition listed don’t hesitate to call for a consultation. If we can’t treat you, we can most likely get you to someone who can.

Want help relieving your lower back pain?

We have options for you that are safe, clinically proven, and minimally invasive.

And we’re located right here in Kearney, Nebraska, near you.

  • Chronic low back pain

Spinal Pain